About Mennonite Radio

Mennonite Radio was created to provide an alternative on the shortwave radio dial for open-minded/non-dogmatic religious programming.

We come to the discussion from an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective, so we tend to emphasize the following themes:

  1. The nonviolent teachings of Jesus

  2. A christocentric view of scripture, meaning we interpret the Bible through the primary lens of Jesus’ teachings.

  3. Earthly focus – We believe that Jesus’ teachings are meant to be lived right here and now, and that creation itself is fundamentally good.

  4. Simplicity – We believe that we should “live simply so that others may simply live.” We often do not live up this ideal but this is what we strive for.

  5. Solidarity with the oppressed – including people of other races, religions, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, as well as LGBT people.

  6. Non-identification with Empire (aka the complex of forces that drives the military-industrial-corporate complex of power)

  7. Orthopraxy – We believe that right living (orthopraxy) is more important than right belief (orthodoxy).

The Mennonite (and broader Anabaptist) movement is diverse, complicated and often inconsistent in its adherence to these ideals, but as a radio program we are seeking to emphasize these themes, even if the movement we are a part of is often not-so-great at living out these ideals.

Our program will feature sermons and other presentations on scripture as well as other writings and thoughts, as well as good music, occasional news and discussion of issues of concern from a Mennonite/Anabaptist perspective.

Our Project Director

Mennonite Radio is coordinated by Joy Mennonite Church's Minister of Peace & Social Justice, James M. Branum. Besides his work at Joy, is the legal director of the Center for Conscience in Action and the project director Broad Spectrum Radio. Most importantly he is the proud father of Ty.